The Radicle Solutions Group partners with Change Agents from across multiple sectors to Maximize, and Elevate your organization's internal capacity to create Systemic Change.


Institutional Practices, Policies, and Ways of Being meant to Intentionally Create Space and Strategies that will Eliminate Disparities and remove all systemic and institutional barriers to equal achievement


Creating the Conditions to Confront, Catalyze, and Cultivate Change and Progress within Institutions, Organizations, and Communities through Strategic and Effective Planning and Collective Conversation.


Intentionally and Strategically going beyond the status quo to Create, Implement, and Sustain a Culture meant to Stimulate Growth, Produce Results, and Shift Paradigms Through Strategic and Programmatic Results Centered Initiatives

You Can Program a Community to Death


In the Social Change Sector we often believe that programs are the answer to a social problem.  At the Radicle Solutions Group we believe that programs are important, but that programs are a tool in a larger paradigm shift towards population level results.  Our program design and innovation team will work with your organization to innovate, and streamline your current offerings to keep the result at the center of all you do. 

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Let's Have The Conversations That Dig Beneath the Surface.


Whether it is an intimate table conversation of stakeholders and leaders, or a large community town hall with standing room only.  Our network of facilitators will guide your conversations to be centered in actionable results and accountability. We are committed to creating an environment tha is conducive to deepened dialogue, and progress.

Reach out to our team to see how we can work with your team to develop a Commmunity Conversation that moves you from Rhetoric to Results



We Strengthen and Cultivate Your Capacity for Impact


Our team is available to work with audiences and organizations of all sizes to build your muscle to create impact for the communities you serve.  Training's span from Changing Paradigms to Confront Challenging Conversations, Understanding Equity and Uncovering Bias in the Work, Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline, Understanding Data's Role as a Flashlight instead of a Hammer. 

Contact us today to discover how we can create an experience specific to your challenges to move your team to the next level of impact.



Are you Ready to Get Radicle?


In addition to workshops, coaching, and program development, the Radicle Solutions Group is also home to some dynamic speakers. 

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Learning is where real RADICLE change takes place.


We work with executives in intimate 1 on 1 settings to build their capacity to lead from a space of equity. We will work with you to examine how you operate within your organization, and uncover how your professional ways of being either distrupt or aid the flow of equity.  These sessions are highly confidential.

Please contact us to set up a private session today.